Your Dog's Favorite Day Of the Week


What We Offer

  • Purpose-built 500sqm warehouse with lots of room for pups to spread their    paws.

  • Safe, secure, and custom-designed play pens

  • Controlled indoor environment.

  • Rotating activities, games, and interactive toys to engage the mind.

  • Specialized anti slip, anti-bacterial flooring.

  • Vet-grade cleaning processes and products

  • Fresh, preservative, and additive free chicken and veg casserole for lunch.

  • Home – made, healthy dog treats.

  • Contained socialisation by ensuring all dogs are desexed and screened for   behavioural concerns.

  • Highly trained, skilled, and experienced staff with ongoing training.

  • Healthy interactions by ensuring all dogs are vaccinated, flea and wormed.


Benefits Of Daycare

With most adults having to work full time to pay their bills and sustain their lifestyles, dogs are being left alone at home for long periods of time. While unsupervised, dogs can get lonely and become bored and agitated. This usually results in a dog being destructive by chewing on inappropriate items, digging, and constantly barking. Dog’s left outside can also jump up at fences and even escape from their yards.


Dog Daycare assists by providing:

SocialisationInteracting with other dogs and humans is an essential lesson for dogs to learn. Daycare provides a safe environment where dogs can communicate and play with each other, learning boundaries and appropriate social behaviour. Dogs are naturally social creatures and crave companionship. By allowing them to safely interact with other dogs, we are creating individuals who are more confident, transition easier to change and new situations, and are overall happier and well-rounded. By allowing dogs to learn basic social etiquette and how to effectively communicate with each other we dramatically decrease the chance of dog bite incidents.

Human interaction Like my own girl, some dogs need more human attention than others. Everyone who knows Ari, know her as the ‘needy’ dog. The dog that follows their owner around like a shadow, who has to be always in the same room as the people, and who is constantly begging for pats and attention. Daycare provides a reassuring and comforting environment where these dogs are able to receive all the cuddles and belly rubs their hearts desire. Studies have also shown that dogs who have positive interactions with humans regularly display less fearful and aggressive behaviour and have higher trainability scores.

Exercise Daycare provides an outlet for dogs to burn all that excess energy they may have. During the day instead of being bored at home, daycare dogs are free to run, jump and play. By providing toys, hurdles, tunnels, sand pits, ball pits and more, you can be rest assured your dog will leave daycare tired and ready for bed. By letting dogs be dogs we are able to significantly reduce any symptoms of boredom creating a more peaceful and relaxing environment at home. Regular exercise also increases our dog’s health by lowering blood pressure, building muscle, and helping our dogs maintain a healthy weight. A Daycare dog is a happy, healthy dog.

Enrichment Providing mental stimulation and exercising a dogs mind is just as important as physical exercise. Enrichment is vital in preventing boredom, destructive behaviours and has also been proven to reduce a dog’s stress levels and build confidence. Every handler at Ari & Me carries a bag full of treats just waiting to reward your dog for sitting, dropping, and listening. Increasing our dog’s engagement and capturing desired behaviours leads to a better-behaved dog at home. We also provide interactive puzzles, snuffle mats, licki mats and food dispending toys.

Safety Your dog’s safety is our number one priority. All interactions and play are closely supervised, and behaviours are continually monitored. Toys are thoroughly checked for any rips or potential choking hazards and all cleaning products are animal safe. Dogs are also separated into pens based on compatibility and each dog is carefully screened before enrolment to make sure they are daycare suitable. In addition to prevent over stimulation dogs are scheduled rest periods where they are urged to sleep.


In fact, we are so passionate about the benefits of daycare for our dogs, we don’t want any pups missing out, so we have reduced the cost of our full day daycare sessions to achieve a quality service that is more affordable for all.