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How to find a quality daycare for your dog: What management techniques are used?

Updated: Mar 13

At Ari&Me Doggy Daycare we believe in creating an environment where tails wag, hearts soar, and dogs thrive. That's why we are committed to using force-free, positive reinforcement as the cornerstone of our management techniques.

Unfortunately, there are still facilities that use old-school aversive methods such as spray bottles. Worse still, there are facilities that advertise themselves as force-free, even though their management techniques are not so.

Read below to find out the right questions to ask any doggy daycare before you enrol your pup.

Force Free Training in Adelaide Doggy Daycare

Ask for details!

  • What happens if my dog gets it right?

  • What happens if my dog makes a mistake?

  • What happens if my dog humps?

  • What happens if my dog starts being too rough?

Why force-free management techniques make all the difference:

1. Gentle Guidance, Happy Hearts:

We prioritise positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour. Our experienced trainers and staff use treats, praise, and playtime to motivate and reward dogs, fostering a positive and joyful atmosphere.

2. Building Trust, Not Fear:

Dogs, like us, respond better to kindness. Our force-free approach ensures that dogs feel safe and loved, building trust and a strong bond between our staff and your furry companions.

3. Stress-Free Socialization:

Aversive techniques can create stress and anxiety in dogs. By focusing on positive reinforcement, we create a stress-free environment for socialization, helping dogs build positive associations with other pups and people.

4. Long-Term Behavior Modification:

Positive reinforcement is proven to be more effective in achieving long-term behaviour changes. By rewarding desired behaviours, we help dogs learn and adopt positive habits that last a lifetime.

5. Joyful Learning Experience:

Learning should be fun! Our force-free methods turn training sessions into enjoyable experiences, making it more likely for dogs to engage, learn, and look forward to their time at our daycare.

6. Happy, Balanced Dogs:

Force-free positive reinforcement contributes to the overall well-being of dogs, promoting a positive mental state and ensuring they leave our daycare with wagging tails and happy hearts.

Join the Pawsitivity Movement:

When you choose Ari&Me Doggy Daycare, you're choosing a force-free, positive environment that celebrates the unique spirit of each dog. It's not just daycare; it's a community where dogs thrive, learn, and play with joy.

Experience the difference at Ari&Me Doggy Daycare where every dog is treated with the love and respect, they deserve.

Other Questions to Find a Quality Daycare for your Dog

5 vital questions for a quality doggy daycare. Trustworthy selection ensures your pet's safety and happiness.


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