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How to find a quality daycare for your dog: Are dogs supervised at all times?

Updated: Mar 13

At Ari&Me Doggy Daycare we believe in providing a safe and enriching environment by making sure to supervise our furry friends.

Sadly, not all dog daycares share this commitment. I’ve heard shocking stories of facilities leaving over 20 dogs unsupervised while they are in a separate room all together, or 2 staff constantly going between 5 or more different pens.

Read more below about the importance of full supervision.

Supervision at Doggy Daycare in Adelaide

Today, let's shed light on a concerning issue – leaving dogs unsupervised – and why it's fundamentally wrong.

Safety First

Leaving dogs unsupervised poses serious safety risks. From potential altercations between dogs to unexpected health issues, full-time supervision is crucial to ensure a prompt response to any situation.

Individualised Attention

Every dog is unique, and their needs vary. Full supervision allows our dedicated staff to provide individualised attention, ensuring each dog's well-being, comfort, and happiness.

Socialisation Requires Guidance

Socialisation is a key benefit of dog daycare, but it must be guided and supervised. Dogs, like people, can have different play styles and temperaments. Our trained team ensures positive social interactions and steps in when needed.

Positive Behavioural Reinforcement

Unsupervised dogs may develop undesirable behaviours due to lack of redirection or guidance. Our team uses positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behaviour and correct any issues promptly.

Commitment to Excellence

At Ari&Me Doggy Daycare, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Full supervision is a non-negotiable part of our service, ensuring that your beloved pets receive the highest standard of care and attention.

Choosing the right daycare is crucial for your dog's well-being. We invite you to visit Ari&Me Doggy Daycare and witness firsthand our dedication to providing a safe, supervised, and loving environment for your furry family members.

Remember, at Ari&Me Doggy Daycare we don't just watch dogs; we care for them like our own.

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