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Adelaide Dog Daycare

Play. Learn. Grow

Leave your dog in safe hands,
while they make tail-wagging memories! 

Opening Hours




Drop off by 9am

Training and Classes

Saturdays and Sundays

Various Times

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Tea Tree Gully Pet Owners Thrilled with Group Dog Education

Our Approach

At Ari&Me we believe in force free training and handling.

Our philosophy is simple – do no harm.

Tea Tree Gully Pet Owners Thrilled with Group Puppy Education

What We Do

✔︎ Positive Reinforcement

✔︎ Building Trust and Bonding

✔︎ Focus on Desirable Behaviours

✔︎ Consistency and Patience

✔︎ Ongoing Learning and Engagement

What We Don't  Do

✗ Physical Corrections

✗ Harsh Verbal Corrections

✗ Inhumane equipment (chains, etc.)

✗ Punish

✗ Instil Fear

A dog’s welfare is our top priority, and each dog has the right to no pain, no force, and no fear!

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