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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe environment where dogs in the daily absence of their caregivers/owners will be cared for in a manner that exceeds both current best industry practices and animal welfare.

We aim to create a positive impact and set a high standard in the dog industry.

Safe Doggy Day care Adelaide

Our Core Values

Force Free

We follow the most up to date and science-based training method - Force Free / Fear Free.


We do not use any aversive techniques or corrections that will cause anxiety or fear in our dogs.

Force Free Dog Training Adelaide


We win as a team.


Individual performance is essential and valued but never at the expense of the team.

Fear Free Puppy Class Adelaide


Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued.


When they can give and receive without judgment.


We will invest time, energy and attention into our relationships with all dogs and humans alike.

Fear Free Puppy Day care Adelaide


We accept full responsibility for our decisions, actions, and results.


We will take the initiative to leave things better than we found them, hold ourselves to a standard of excellence, and always focus on transparency.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training in Adelaide


We dream big and strive to be the best by delivering the 'wow' factor and exceeding expectations in everything we do.


We uphold the best/latest/highest standards of animal welfare at all times.

Force Free Puppy School Adelaide


We uphold strong moral principles of

  • honesty

  • dependability

  • loyalty

  • good judgment and

  • respect.

Fear Free Puppy Training in Adelaide


We display compassion at all times with all sentient beings (people and animals). We understand each individual's mental health is important and we genuinely empathise with people's realities.


We must try to genuinely understand, feel, and identify with their needs.

We do not judge, and we treat others how we would like to be treated.

Fear Free Dog Training in Adelaide
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