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Tea Tree Gully's Top Dog Training Facility for Puppies and Older Dogs

1:1 in-home Training

Adelaide's Best Training Centre for Older Dogs

IMPORTANT: This is for in-home 1:1 training, not mid-daycare 1:1 training sessions.

1:1 Registration Process


Fill out Registration Form below


We will contact you for scheduling and any additional questions if required.

1 on 1 Training Form

1:1 Training Request

  • Please complete the below application form.

  • If you are enrolling more than one dog, please submit form individually for each dog

  • Please note that completing this form does not automatically guarantee a spot at Ari&Me.

  • If we require any further information we will contact you.

  • If you would like more information please email

Tell us about your dog!

Tell us about your dog's experience and behaviour

Does your dog display any of the following behaviours? (Select all that apply)
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