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Why Choose an Excursion?


✔︎ Exercise: More room to run

✔︎ Enrichment: Explore, sniff & dig

✔︎ Socialisation: make new friends

✔︎ Outdoors: Sun and fresh air!

Dogs that Suit Excursions

✔︎ Get overstimulated or overaroused in a daycare environment 

✔︎ Do well playing with other dogs

✔︎ Enjoy exploring the outdoors

Dogs don't need to be enroled in daycare to participate!



  • 2 hours of outdoor fun

  • Maximum 6 dogs

  • Pickup & dropoff at your door!

  • Monday-Friday

Limited to northeast suburbs only


Door-to-door outdoor adventures to dog-friendly locations.

A full service alternative to daycare and dog walking! 

More enriching than
dog walking and maximum fun!

Details and Pricing for Excursions
Dogs that Suit Excursions

Full time working owners?
You don't need to be home for your dog to participate in excursions.

Does your pup already attend daycare?
Mix up your dog's week with full daycare days and excursions for a more affordable experience!

Full Time Working Owners

To Attend Ari & Me

your dog must:

  • Be fully vaccinated – Current C5 vaccination including kennel cough

  • Be flea & wormed treated

  • Be desexed if over 7 months old (Unless a written exemption from vet is provided).

  • Be social and not display aggressive behaviour towards other dogs and people.

Excursion Suitability Assessment

  • Please complete the below application form.

  • If you are enrolling more than one dog, please submit form individually for each dog

  • Please note that completing this form does not automatically guarantee a spot at Ari&Me.

  • If we require any further information we will contact you.

  • If you would like more information please email

Tell us about your dog!

Dogs over the age of 7 months must be desexed to attend daycare unless medically unable and a letter from your veterinarian is provided.

Tell us about your dog's experience and behaviour

Does your dog display any of the following behaviours? (Select all that apply)
What days do you prefer?
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