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Why Choose an Excursion?


✔︎ Exercise: More room to run

✔︎ Enrichment: Explore, sniff & dig

✔︎ Socialisation: make new friends

✔︎ Outdoors: Sun and fresh air!

Dogs that Suit Excursions

✔︎ Get overstimulated or overaroused in a daycare environment 

✔︎ Do well playing with other dogs

✔︎ Enjoy exploring the outdoors

Dogs don't need to be enroled in daycare to participate!



  • 2 hours of outdoor fun

  • Maximum 6 dogs

  • Pickup & dropoff at your door!

  • Monday-Friday

Limited to northeast suburbs only


Door-to-door outdoor adventures to dog-friendly locations.

A full service alternative to daycare! 

More enriching than
dog walking and maximum fun!

Full time working parent?
Mix up your dog's week with full daycare days and excursions for a more affordable experience!

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