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Adelaide's Trusted Puppy Daycare Provider

About Us

Tea Tree Gully's Trusted Puppy Daycare Provider

You won’t find a more dog obsessed and passionate bunch!

Serving Golden Grove and

the Tea Tree Gully area since 2021.



✔︎ Purpose-built warehouse with multiple zones

✔︎ Secure, custom-designed play pens

✔︎ Controlled indoor environment

✔︎ All dogs are pre-screened

✔︎ Experienced staff supervision

✔︎ Low staff to dog ratio of 1:15 at daycare


✔︎ Vet-grade cleaning processes and products

✔︎ Healthy dogs: All dogs are required to be vaccinated, flea and wormed

✔︎ Specialised anti-slip and anti-bacterial flooring


✔︎ Rotating activities

✔︎ Games

✔︎ Interactive toys and equipment

Convenient Doggy Daycare in Tea Tree Gully
Dog at Doggy Daycare in South Australia

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Secure Puppy Daycare in Golden Grove


Trained Staff

✔︎ Required to have dog handling experience

✔︎ Require knowledge on dog behaviour

✔︎ Regular training 

✔︎ Ongoing and engaging supervision to manage dogs as dynamics change throughout the day

✔︎ Force-free and positive methods only!

✔︎ Low staff to dog ratio of 1:15 at daycare

  Some daycares have ratios as high as 1:50!

About Us (webp)

Actual scanned daycare report card! Click to see closer.


✔︎ Viewing window for parents or prospectives

✔︎ Daycare has daily detailed report card outlining treats, behaviour, activities, friends, potty business, etc.

✔︎ Positive reinforcement and socialisation methods

✔︎ Regular updates and photos/videos to daycare parents


✔︎ Fenced play zones

✔︎ Multi-gated entry ways

✔︎ Secure play equipment and environment

Adelaide Dog Daycare Facility

Why Choose Ari & Me?

Exceptional Puppy Obedience Training in Golden Grove
Tea Tree Gully's Experienced Puppy Training Instructors

At Ari & Me the dogs are at the heart of everything we do, and every individual pup is treated as if they were our own.

We are determined to improve the lives of every dog in our care, and our priority is their happiness and safety.

Whilst in our care you can be assured that your pup is being spoilt rotten with lots of love and affection.

We understand your dogs are very loved and valued members of the family and they will be treated as such!

Adelaide's Empathetic Approach to Puppy Obedience
Adelaide's Specialist in Effective Puppy Behavior Modification
Why Choose Us

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