About Us


Your FurChild Is in Great Hands


You won’t find a more dog obsessed and passionate bunch!

At Ari&Me the dogs are at the heart of everything we do, and every individual pup is treated as if they were our own. We are determined to improve the lives of every dog in our care, and our priority is their happiness and safety. Whilst in our care you can be assured that your pup is being spoilt rotten with lots of love and affection. We understand your dogs are not just your furbabies but are very loved and valued members of the family and they will be treated as such!

Why choose Ari&Me?

Quality you can trust:

At Ari&Me we understand it can be difficult leaving your loved one in the care of strangers, especially when you are not given updates during the day. It is, therefore, easy to find yourself constantly thinking about your precious furbabies, wondering what they are up to and if they are ok.

That’s why we are determined to provide quality that you can trust by offering full transparency. We guarantee to update you with photos and videos of your pup not once but twice throughout the day. These cute snaps will be uploaded to our Instagram page for all to see prior to 12pm and 4pm every day. We also provide a viewing window at reception so you can stay a couple minutes back to see your dog settle in or pop by during the day to have a sneak peek. Lucky last, we are more than happy for our clients to organise a time to come view the facility, so you have peace of mind knowing you are sending your furbaby to their new safe, happy home away from home.


Full Transparency:

Each dog will also be sent home with a daily report card, providing information on your dog’s behaviour and health including what their favourite activity was, what their favourite treat was, and which dogs they interacted with most. If they had a sloppy poo, you’ll know about it, and we won’t spare any of the details!


Qualified Staff:

Most daycares are happy to hire staff with little to no previous dog experience and train them on site, but we believe we must do better! All hired staff are required to have previous dog handling experience and knowledge on dog behaviour. In the animal industry, there is no such thing as knowing everything, we are always constantly learning and seeking ways to do better. Therefore, all staff will continue to have regular training sessions on site.


Safety is paramount:

Did you know other daycares will happily house 40 or more dogs and leave only 1 staff member to supervise them all? Not at Ari&Me! Our goal is to always have 1 staff member per 10 dogs, and we guarantee that this will only ever increase to a maximum of 1 per 15 during staff breaks. This means not only will dogs be sufficiently safe and cared for, but we can also provide more human-dog interaction and more enrichment opportunities.


Only the best:

As mentioned previously Ari&Me is force free and we only use positive reinforcement methods. You can be assured that while in our care, your dog will not receive any form of punishment.