Meet The Owner


My name is Emilia Jaworek and I have been animal obsessed since as long as I can remember. When I was in primary school, I would tell everyone I wanted to work in a pet shop, and in high school everyone knew my dream was to be a vet. I always knew my life would be dedicated to working with animals which is why as early as year 11, I chose to take on an extra curriculum and complete Certificate 1 in Animal Studies through Tafe SA. Following graduation, I enrolled at the University of Adelaide and completed a Bachelor in Animal Science. My most memorable experience during that time was my work experience with the Royal Society for the Blind working with the Guide dogs. I then moved to Perth where I began my first job in the animal industry at a cuddly animal farm. During this time, it was my responsibility to take care of over 50 different animals including, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, lambs, pigs, cows, llamas, ponies, chickens, ducks, and many more. Due to my degree, it was also my responsibility to nurture and treat those that were sick and injured.


A year later, the most amazing opportunity arose in the form of the Dogs Refuge Home. This is the largest dog rescue organisation in Perth, and I was lucky enough to land a position there. This has still been my favourite job to date. My position at the Dogs Refuge involved daily cleaning of the dog kennels, feeding, walking and toileting dogs, and coordinating adoptions. I will never forget that most rewarding feeling when a dog who has been with us long term finally gets adopted. As I was studying Vet Nursing at the time, I also worked multiple shifts in the clinic where I would care for dog’s post-surgery and administer any necessary medications.


During this time, I became particularly interested in reactive dogs, and began working with the trainers to assist with desensitization training. I remember one particular dog named Funky who had been in multiple bite incidents and was on her ‘last chance’. She had to be walked on a muzzle and wear a dangerous dog collar. I developed a particular bond with her and would often take her home and assist with her training. She was with us for years, but she eventually had doggy friends who she could happily go for walks with and made such great progress that she got her happy ever after and was adopted. Shortly after a management position became available at the Cat Rescue across the road so I moved there for the chance at a new experience and a more advanced position. Although it was an unbelievably valuable and rewarding experience it wasn’t long until I missed the dogs and began to volunteer at the Dog Rescue over the weekend and assist anyway I could. This is when I realised that my true passion lied with dogs.


I longed for a dog of my own, so as soon as I moved into a property that was dog suitable, I was eager to add a canine addition to the family. It wasn’t long before Ari popped up on my Facebook feed looking for a home. Reading her description, and seeing her beautiful smile, I knew she was the pup for me, and I went to meet her that day. Ari settled in quickly and in only a matter of weeks we began Obedience Training. Ari was eager to learn and highly motivated by positive reinforcement. Our bond grew quickly, and we swiftly moved through the classes winning our first Obedience competition after only 10 weeks.


I can’t explain it, but Ari changed my life. I grew up always surrounded by dogs, but I never felt a connection as strong as what Ari and I have formed. We are an inseparable team, and we are both very reliant on each other. She is my best friend, my motivation, and my inspiration to start Ari&Me Doggy Daycare. I am particularly passionate about starting my own daycare for dogs as I believe I can provide better care and deliver a higher quality of service that is currently available.


Moving back to Adelaide, I used the opportunity to study Cert 4 Small Business and the Karen Pryor Academy, Professional’s course; 2021 so that I can finally turn a long-term dream into reality.