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Enrolments for Puppy Playgroup Starting April 6th

🎉 Introducing our Pawsitive Puppy Playgroup! 🎉

Are you a proud puppy parent looking to give your furry friend the best start in life? Look no further!

Join us for our exclusive Puppy Socialization Class where your little bundle of joy can learn, play, and grow alongside their adorable peers! 🐶💕

Here's what you can expect from our fun-filled sessions:

  • Puppy Playtime: Let your pup romp and frolic in a safe and supervised environment with other puppies, fostering crucial social skills and confidence-building.

  • Engaging Activities: From interactive games to exciting challenges, we've curated activities designed to stimulate your puppy's mind and keep them happily engaged.

  • Sensory Exploration: Watch as your puppy explores new sights, sounds, and textures, helping them develop crucial sensory skills while having a blast!

  • Professional Guidance: Our experienced trainers will be on hand to provide expert advice, answer your questions, and ensure that every puppy has a positive and enriching experience.

🌟 Benefits of Early Puppy Socialization: 🌟

⭐️ Builds Confidence: Exposing your puppy to new experiences in a controlled environment helps them develop confidence and resilience.

⭐️ Promotes Healthy Development: Socialization is crucial for proper behavioural and emotional development, setting the foundation for a well-adjusted adult dog.

⭐️ Creates Lasting Bonds: Joining our classes isn't just beneficial for your puppy—it's also a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with other puppy parents and share in the joys (and challenges!) of puppyhood.

Spaces are limited, so don't wait—reserve your spot today and give your puppy the gift of socialization and fun! 🎁🐾

To book your place or learn more, simply contact us 0420228506

Let's make memories and paw-some friendships together! 🐾❤️


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