Pup Pup Pawray


Positive socialisation for puppies between 12 – 20 weeks of age.


Ari & Me’s Pup Pup Pawray is a confidence building program tailored to socialise your pup in a controlled and positive manner.

The program is run over a four week period, where your puppy can attend daycare once or twice a week.

Puppy's under the age of 17 weeks tend to be more accepting of new

environments and experiences. This period is therefore critical for

postive socialisation as it will greatly determine the puppy's future adult


Your puppy will participate in an array of experiences to help with

their learning development, including:

- Meeting other puppies and dogs

- Exposure to different objects, textures and sounds

- Restraint and handling practice

- Encouraging calm behaviours and self regulation

- Controlled and monitored play

- Basic crate training

The Pup Pup Pawray program is run throughout a regular day at daycare by our dog educators, which is why it is vital the pups have already received their full C5 vaccination prior to attending.

When trying to socialise your puppy at home it is important to keep in mind: 

- Exposure alone is not socialisation

- Never force your pup into an interaction

- Your pup is the one who determines if an interaction or experience was positive

4 Sessions