Daycare Setup

We see each dog that comes through our door as an individual, which is why we do not pair dogs just based on their size or breed. We group our dogs based on their temperament and play style. This is why we have 3 main play areas –

Wags and Wisdom


For the average adult dog who does not mind moderate to rough play here and there. However, at the same time can also appreciate their down time. Dogs will get the opportunity to have a sniff and stroll.

Jumpin’ Jax

For the confident puppies, adolescents and adult dogs who have bounds of energy and just want to play and run all day long.


Tiny Tots

Not only for smaller dogs but also for those with a gentler play style, these can also be young puppies or gentle giants.

We also have 3 additional areas:

Docile Dogs – This is the calm area for dogs who just want to relax on the lounge, observe from a far and zen out


Earthly Delights – This is a 23 m long area floored with artificial grass, it will also contain indoor trees and a sensory garden. This pen is connected to all 3 play areas who will have all have access on rotation.


The All Rounder - Lucky last we have a smaller spare pen that can be used for birthday parties, feedings puppies their lunch or for pups who are feeling a bit overwhelmed and need a break.