Group Classes

Dogs are not born equipped with the knowledge on how to live and fit into our human world, so we need to teach them.

Teaching is a natural process and animals are learning 24/7. Training simply gives us a way to facilitate this learning and communicate more effectively with our pups.

Training is the corner stone of good behavioural care and should be an integrated part of every dog’s life.


This is because not only is training providing excellent mental stimulation for your dog, but it also teaches yourself how to interact with your dog to get the most out of your relationship, therefore helping you form a closer bond.

Training is also great for teaching your dog manners and general social etiquette.

Happy and healthy animals are more eager to work and learn, so make sure to always put the animals needs first and use training only as a means to enhance the quality of their lives

Learn the methods of Force Free Training.

Each term consists of 8, one-hour group classes.

Week 1: Orientation week, for Pawrents only. An important theory lesson before the dogs arrive.

Week 8: Will be a fun-friendly assessment. 

What to bring:

  • Tug toy or another interactive toy your dog enjoys.

  • High value treats (Something they don’t often receive, and usually smelly and wet is best eg. Chicken breast, sausage, fritz or dog roll, cheese etc. – cut up into pea size pieces)

  • Enclosed shoes preferably sneakers

  • Water for yourself, (we will supply water for pups)

  • Positive and fun attitude with a spoonful of patience


What classes do we offer?

​Each term will depend on the registration list for each class.

Puppy Pre-School

Ages: 8 weeks - 12 weeks 

Our puppy class is to help you understand your newest family member. We cover the following in our course:

- How dog’s learn

- Dog’s development

- Socialisation & exposure

- Canine body language

- Basic obedience

- Prevention and management of unwanted behaviour

- Enrichment and exercise

Puppy Primary School 

Ages: 12 weeks - 6 months 

This class is for those who may have missed out on puppy pre-school or would like a bridge between puppy pre-school and obedience.

Our pawrents will be taught how to encourage relaxation behaviours in and out of the home, handling desensitisation, prevention and management of unwanted behaviour, as well as basic obedience and trick training. Having fun with your dog when training creates an important bond and relationship. 


At your orientation day we will create a list as a class of what you as the pawrent want to work on with your pups over the term. Each week we will tackle these suggestions and behaviours as a group.

Beginner Obedience

Ages: 16 weeks + 

This class is the stepping stone toward the world of obedience. 

Build your skills as a dog handler, build a strong bond with your dog through play & training. 

Learn how to train sit, drop, stay, loose leash walking, targeting & recall 

Intermediate Obedience

Ages 16 weeks +

Build your skills from beginners, work on precision on previous skills and learn new behaviours and improve your and your dogs skills. Further duration and distance with your dogs stays, teach your dog to heel, continue your bonding time with your dog. 

Life Skills

Ages 16 weeks +

Work on skills to assist you with life's experiences, this class will tailor to the individual needs of everyone in the class. At orientation we find out what your goals are, so we can set you up for success. Learn to capture and shape new behaviours to put on cue. Build confidence in you & your dog. 

What do you want to achieve?

- Place training 

- Restraint & handling

- Loose Leash Walking 

- Crate training & MORE!