Extra Options



If you want your furbaby to feel extra special and spoilt on their birthday then let us throw them a pawfect pawty!

Let us take the stress and hassle of planning away and trust us to throw your pooch the best and most fun birthday around!

Pups will get to enjoy a beautifully decorated birthday pen set up just for them and their VIP guests. They will have a dedicated party host who will be at their beck and call and ensuring all pups are looking their best and smiling for the camera.

Of course, no party is complete without a cake, which is why you are welcome to supply your own or choose us to arrange one for you.

All our cakes are made fresh by the amazing Naked Pet Food and can be coloured to your choosing. Pupcakes are baked with the best ingredients that are sure to get your dog licking their lips.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for the picture-perfect photos to be uploaded to our socials.


Available to existing clients only

Not available for dogs on their first day

Bookings require a minimum 72 hours’ notice.



Proper nutrition has a huge effect on your puppy’s growth and development. Since puppies are growing so quickly, they also need more food than and adult dog. However, puppies under 6 months of age still have a relatively small stomach, which is why it is highly recommended they be fed at least 3 times a day.


This is why at Ari&Me we offer a special lunch package.


For just an additional $5, your puppy will be provided a chicken and veg casserole especially formulated for sensitive puppy stomachs. Our casserole is supplied fresh by ’Noble Pet Food’ and includes chicken mixed with pumpkin, spinach, and carrot. No preservatives, and no nasty additives!


Pups will be chaperoned to a private area where they will be offered lunch on a lickimat or slow bowl for added enrichment. They will then enjoy some quiet time in our Docile Dogs pen as we all know it’s best not to exercise straight after eating.


Of course, you are more than welcome to supply your own lunch for puppy. We will keep it stored safely and feed it to your pup as above for no extra charge.

white and grey Siberian husky eating pancake_edited.jpg

Taxi Service

In a hurry and need a little hand getting your pup to daycare?


We have you covered! We have a designated dog approved vehicles that can chauffeur your pooch from home to Ari&Me and back again too!


Our cars have barriers and tether points installed to ensure dog safety so you can rest easy knowing your dog is in great hands.


Currently only servicing areas within 15km of our facility, however, we will consider other locations on a case-by-case basis.


If you are looking for that something extra special to spoil your dog with while you are at work, then look no further! Excursions are where one of our trained staff members will take a maximum of 7 dogs out on an adventure in the great outdoors. Dogs can enjoy an exciting trip where they are given the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, engage their senses, and enjoy a large open space to really stretch their legs, roll in muddy puddles, or swim in the creek or ocean. Our dog excursions are a great way to give your dog the chance to get out and explore locations you as the owner may not have time to take them to. Providing them the opportunity to experience new environments, dogs and people in a safe, and positive setting will only further improve their social skills and confidence. Dogs are given two hours to enjoy the location before returning to daycare just in time for a nap and rest before the brain training puzzles come out.